Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Keep your brain healthy Part 9

Your Alzheimer and Stem Cell Resource Center: "Another drug that will increase mitochondrial dysfunction is Prilosec or Nexium, used for the treatment of heartburn and reflux, as it will lower B12 status and therefore increase homocysteine which is a mitochondrial toxin. (Levodopa also increases homocysteine levels and 40 per cent of Parkinson's patients develop dementia after five to 10 years of levodopa).
Like other prescription and over the counter drugs, the birth control pill is notorious for lowering folic acid. Make sure you know what nutrients the drugs you are taking are depleting.
To improve metabolic and endrocrine balance treat stress, get enough sleep, get exercise, balance estrogens and progesterones, reduce carbohydrate ingestion to reduce glycation and avoid xenobiotics, (environmental toxins)."


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